Facelift in West Palm Beach, FL with Justin Bellamy, MD

Reclaim your youthful appearance and reverse the aging process with a facelift in Palm Beach. Facelifts and mprove the signs of aging and help you battle the negative impact aging can have on your overall sense of wellness, self-image, and confidence. 

Dr. Justin Bellamy is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facelift and neck lift procedures. He has extensive training, expertise, and a patient-first approach. Many patients from across the country seek his advice, making him a reputable and reliable choice for facelift and neck lift procedures in Palm Beach.

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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the appearance and improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. By tightening loose skin, smoothing jowls, and reducing deep facial wrinkles, patients look 10 to 15 years younger, gaining significant confidence

Facelifts aim to restore the appearance of those areas most vulnerable to aging without changing your fundamental appearance, including:

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What Is a Deep-Plane Facelift?

Dr. Bellamy specializes in deep-plane facelifts, which is one of the most advanced modern techniques. A deep plane facelift specifically focuses on releasing and repositioning facial ligaments and the SMAS layer. As this procedure addresses the problem of aging skin at its root, a deep plane facelift offers incredibly effective and natural-looking results.

Often, a deep plane facelift can be performed under local anesthesia. Other benefits of a deep plane facelift include: 

Looking for the best plastic surgeon in Palm Beach?

Dr. Justin Bellamy uses his esteemed education, cutting-edge techniques, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to create customized treatment plans to meet his patients’ needs and expectations. He has published over thirty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and is a thought-leader in the field of plastic surgery. Trust Dr. Bellamy for a comprehensive and modern plastic surgery experience.

Your Boca Raton Facelift Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Bellamy, he will focus on your concerns about your anatomy, your goals, and what you visualize as your ideal outcome. Then, Dr. Bellamy will discuss the details, risks, and benefits of your procedure and provide an honest recommendation.

Together with Dr. Bellamy, you’ll develop a treatment plan to suit your aesthetic goals while addressing your anatomical needs. Following your consultation, you should feel informed and comfortable in making decisions about your procedure. With high-quality care and innovative techniques, Dr. Bellamy’s dedication to patient safety and outstanding results make him your choice for the best facelift or in Palm Beach.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Palm Beach Facelift?

Ideal candidates for a facelift are non-smokers who are generally healthy and are looking to improve the signs of aging. During your consultation with Dr. Bellamy, we will review your anticipated results to ensure that your expectations are realistic and anatomically accomplishable. 

Dr. Bellamy recommends facelift candidates should:

Accompanying Procedures

Often, patients who are considering facelifts are also concerned about the signs of aging in their mid or upper face as well as the appearance of their skin. Facelift results often rely on full facial rejuvenation to create a more youthful look.

For dramatic facial transformation, other rejuvenation procedures can be performed simultaneously, including: 

While a facelift helps restore the appearance of your features, enhancing the appearance of your skin is also crucial. Dr. Bellamy recommends laser skin resurfacing, Morpheus8 skin tightening, or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation treatments in conjunction with a facelift for optimal results.

What Can I Expect During a Facelift?

With a patient-centric philosophy, Dr. Bellamy specifically customizes facelift procedures to achieve optimal results for each patient. While each operation will be unique, here are some general steps to expect.

All surgeries are performed in our own facilities that have two state-of-the-art, fully certified AAAASF operating rooms. 

On the day of surgery, you will be greeted by our nursing staff, then review your procedural plan with Dr. Bellamy. He will answer any last questions you have and make surgical makings. Once you are safely sedated, Dr. Bellamy will begin your facelift according to your unique procedural plan.

Preparing for Your West Palm Beach Facelift Procedure

In the week prior to your surgery, we advise you to maintain a healthy, high-protein, low-salt diet. Most herbal supplements should be stopped, especially those containing garlic, fish oil, or zinc. Also, stop taking medicines containing aspirin, as these can cause additional bleeding or bruising.

During your consultation, Dr. Bellamy will review your medications and provide instructions on how to proceed. Most prescription medications, especially blood pressure medications, should be continued.

For at least four weeks prior to and following your procedure, smoking, vaping, or any nicotine products are strictly prohibited. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and affects the body’s ability to heal itself, potentially impacting your recovery and results.

Surgical Mastery Meets Aesthetic Artistry

Facelift Procedure and Recovery

As facelifts are typically day surgeries, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first few days. You may require assistance with simple daily tasks. You may also be prescribed pain medications and antibiotics. 

Plan on taking approximately one to two weeks off work for your recovery. During this time, you will need to avoid strenuous activities, including exercising or heavy lifting, for four to six weeks; however, Dr. Bellamy advises walking slowly as soon as you feel well enough.

Swelling, bruising, and numbness are common effects following a facelift. To reduce swelling and bruising, sleep with your head slightly elevated and use cold compresses. 

 Dr. Justin Bellamy’s approach to facelift surgery is to reposition and tighten the facial tissues to create a more youthful, refreshed appearance. To achieve this, Dr. Bellamy will make incisions in well-concealed areas such as behind the ear, under the chin, or within the posterior hairline. He will then remove loose, excess skin, and lift and reposition underlying tissues to create a more youthful look. The procedure is typically done under general anesthesia and typically takes 2-3 hours to perform.

How Soon Will I See Boca Raton My Facelift Results?

Following a deep plane facelift, the length of the recovery process is determined by the extent of your procedure. Most patients experience slight bruising, tightness, or swelling that may obscure true results for the first few weeks. As your face heals and swelling resolves, typically in a month post-procedure, you’ll begin to see your new facial contours. However, residual swelling may take up to six to twelve months to subside. 

With optimal results and recommended follow-up care, facelift results leave you with a youthful, lifted facial appearance with results that may last for 10 to 15 years.

Choosing Dr. Bellamy as Your Facelift Surgeon

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Bellamy is considered one of the premiere facial plastic surgeons in Palm Beach. With his extensive education and unmatched experience, many patients travel across the country seeking Dr. Bellamy’s expertise. Employing innovative techniques and state-of-the-art medical equipment, Dr. Bellamy tailors customized treatment plans that consider each patient’s needs and expectations, making him your choice for the best neck lift and facelift in Palm Beach.

For Dr. Bellamy, the most fulfilling aspect of performing plastic surgery is using his skills to enhance and enrich the lives of his patients. Blending a mastery in surgery with artistic elegance, Dr. Bellamy’s goal is to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals with beautiful, natural-looking results to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Look and feel your youthful best when you partner with Dr. Bellamy, one of the best facelift surgeons in Palm Beach! Contact Dr. Bellamy’s office at (561) 705-0044 or complete our online form to schedule your facelift consultation today!

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Facelift FAQs

Do you want to learn more about a facelift with Dr. Justin Bellamy?  Read our FAQs and complete our online form to meet Dr. Bellamy today.

Patients can go out in public as soon as they feel comfortable. For some patients, this is right away, while others prefer to wait until all evidence of surgery has subsided. After surgery, you will typically be maintained in a head wrap for two days which will then be replaced by a more subtle supportive chin/neck support for a total of two weeks. All sutures are removed within 7-10 days. The majority of swelling and bruising subsides within 10-14 days.

A facelift can turn back the clock by 10 years. While this can dramatically improve the appearance of youthfulness we all desire, you can expect you will then age normally from that new starting point. The same healthy habits that prevent advanced aging will still apply, including avoiding excessive sun exposure, smoking, or an unhealthy diet.

All facelifts performed by Dr. Bellamy, including everything from deep-plane facelifts to abbreviated mini-facelifts, can be performed under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia, with hidden incisions, and smooth, easy recovery. The difference between a “mini” vs. a deep-plane facelift is more related to the extent of work required deep into the skin. More significant age-related changes will require more extensive work by Dr. Bellamy, but the process is otherwise very similar. During your consultation. Dr. Bellamy will review the type of facelift best for you.

No preparation is required prior to your consultation; however, it may be helpful to have considered which features of your face you would like to restore to a more youthful appearance. For some, this may include everything from improving overall skin quality (tone, coarse and fine wrinkles, color evenness), removing excess skin of the cheeks, jawline, and neck, improving tired appearance to the eyes, to restoring youthful eyebrow position and shape. Other patients may only require or desire a portion of these rejuvenating procedures.

Remaining well-rested, well-hydrated, well-nourished, and relaxed leading into your surgery day will ensure a smooth surgical process and recovery. Having support around the time of surgery is also very helpful, so it is important to arrange for someone to stay with you for at least the night of surgery. Many of the details of your surgical day and recovery process will be covered in-depth at your pre-surgical appointment, including a review of medications and post-operative instructions.

Complications are uncommon. However, every surgical procedure carries some risk. Dr. Bellamy takes several precautions to avoid the most common post-surgical complications and will follow your progress often to ensure a seamless recovery.

Most complications are very minor and do not require additional intervention. The most common significant complication requiring immediate attention is hematoma, or a collection of blood under the skin. This most typically occurs from elevated blood pressure after surgery, making good blood pressure control after surgery essential. Dr. Bellamy will ensure your blood pressure is well-controlled before you leave the facility. Every surgical procedure also carries a small risk of infection. You will be maintained on a short course of preventative antibiotics to reduce the chance of this. Other extremely rare complications include injury to nerves or other nearby structures.

Smoking significantly increases your risk of every surgical complication and is particularly problematic after facelift surgery. These include tissue loss, wounds, infection, hematoma, and overall poor healing. For this reason, you are strictly required to quit smoking at least 4 weeks before surgery and remain nicotine-free until 4 weeks after surgery without exception. If you are unable to quit smoking, Dr. Bellamy can review non-surgical alternatives for facial rejuvenation.

You can expect to be walking around the house normally on the night of surgery. Your dressings are removed 1-2 days after surgery, sutures are removed 7-10 days after surgery, and bruising/swelling typically resolves 10-14 days after surgery. After 3 weeks, you can return to cardiovascular exercise, and after 4 weeks, you can return to weightlifting exercise.

Three weeks for cardio, four weeks for weightlifting.

Return to work depends largely on the nature of your work and personal preference. At the earliest, you could return to a desk-type or work-from-home job as soon as you are no longer requiring narcotic pain medication, which for most is within 3-4 days. If it is important that you do not show signs of surgery, Dr. Bellamy recommends at least 2 weeks. For manual labor or strenuous work requirements, Dr. Bellamy recommends 4 weeks.

There is no age too young or too old for facelift surgery. Some patients undergo facelift surgery as young as their 30s, while others may undergo a facelift in their 80s. The average facelift patient tends to be in their 50s, but this will vary widely depending on lifestyle and genetics.

Non-surgical alternatives include skin tightening technologies, including FaceTite & Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling, as well as laser resurfacing, neck and/or jowl liposuction. Fillers may sometimes soften bothersome features of aging but are not a replacement for a facelift that truly lifts and re-supports the aging face. Dr. Bellamy can review all surgical and non-surgical options that fit best for you during your consultation.

The term “liquid facelift” refers to a full-face filler treatment. These tend to be performed with a large volume of hyaluronic acid fillers and provide a temporary filling effect to the face. Aging is a combination of both volume loss and excess skin laxity. The liquid facelift improves the former, providing restoration of volume. This can be an excellent temporary option for early facial aging, but there are several considerations.

Since excess skin is not addressed, a liquid facelift is not appropriate for more advanced aging. Additionally, results are temporary and may be considered to last 6-12 months. Finally, misuse or overuse of filler to attempt to emulate facelift results can result in an overfilled or “pillow” face over time. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure your injector understands the limitations of filler and when it’s more appropriate to consider a surgical facelift. The surgical facelift will provide a permanent result, remove excess skin, reposition descending tissue, and volumize where needed to provide a more natural and longer-lasting result. The downside of a surgical facelift is that it is a more involved procedure, it is more costly up-front (though potentially more cost-effective long-term), and requires you to be in good health.

Results are permanent, and you will age at a normal rate from your new starting point. Patients seeking second facelifts typically do so 10+ years after their initial facelift.

The goal of facelift surgery is to rejuvenate the face to produce a natural appearance 10 years younger. Modern facelifting techniques allow for impressive change while remaining natural and true-to-self. Gone are the days of overly tightened skin that produces unnatural distortion. Dr. Bellamy’s facelift technique includes restoring lost volume to the cheeks and temples, elevating descended tissues to their normal position, tightening skin to remove jowls, softening folds around the mouth, and sharpening the jawline and neckline. Comprehensive facial rejuvenation might also include a brow lift, the removal of excess skin around the eyes, and laser resurfacing to enhance skin quality and soften fine lines.

The deep-plane facelift is a specific facelift technique that explicitly mobilizes and repositions the deeper tissues of the face that have descended with age (these deeper tissues are also known as the “SMAS” layer, or Superficial Myofascial Aponeurotic System). This differs from traditional “SMAS-plication” or “SMAS-ectomy” techniques that tighten the SMAS layer without fully lifting and mobilizing the SMAS layer like is done in a deep-plane facelift. While the deep-plane facelift is more technically demanding and time-consuming for the surgeon, the benefits of the deep-plane facelift include the ability to provide enhanced manipulation of the deeper tissue and potentially a more robust result with improved blood flow to the healing skin.

SMAS-plication and SMAS-ectomy-type facelifts still manipulate the deeper tissues and can yield beautiful results in the right hands and for the right patient. However, they do so using sutures to tighten and position the SMAS without fully mobilizing the tissue from the underlying muscles.

Deep-plane facelift with Dr. Bellamy takes 3-4 hours awake under local anesthesia. Adding additional procedures (such as blepharoplasty or laser resurfacing) may add a small amount of additional time.

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