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Mommy Makeover in Palm Beach, FL, With Dr. Justin Bellamy

Without a doubt, pregnancy and breastfeeding are significant milestones in a woman’s life. However, the resulting changes to your body are difficult to reverse with diet and exercise alone. A mommy makeover in Palm Beach can enhance your figure and restore your confidence so you can feel more like yourself again. 

Dr. Justin Bellamy is a board-certified Palm Beach mommy makeover surgeon who aims to help you achieve your aesthetic goals through precision, artistry, and attention to detail. With extensive academic training, distinguished expertise, and a patient-first attitude, Dr. Bellamy is a favorite of many patients who travel from across the country to seek his services, making him the best mommy makeover surgeon in Palm Beach.

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What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is an umbrella term for any combo of procedures that can enhance a woman’s body. By combining surgeries, you can reduce recovery time, minimize expenses, and enjoy comprehensive rejuvenation. 

Despite the name, you don’t have to be a mother to benefit from a mommy makeover, as many of the changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding also occur due to the effects of time and gravity. However, if you have one or more children and still plan to add to your family, we ask that you wait to get surgery until you are no longer having children or breastfeeding. 

A mommy makeover focuses on rejuvenating issues such as:

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Dr. Bellamy will customize a surgical plan designed to address your most pressing physical concerns associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and getting older, like removing stubborn fat from the midsection or correcting sagging, deflated breasts. Common procedures included in a mommy makeover are:

Choosing Dr. Bellamy as Your Mommy Makeover Surgeon

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bellamy is one of the premier mommy makeover surgeons in Palm Beach. Employing innovative techniques and using state-of-the-art medical equipment, Dr. Bellamy tailors customized treatment plans that consider each patient’s needs and expectations.

For Dr. Bellamy, the most fulfilling aspect of performing plastic surgery is using his skills to enhance and enrich his patients’ lives. Blending a mastery in surgery with artistic elegance, Dr. Bellamy’s goal is to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals with beautiful, natural-looking results to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Looking for the best plastic surgeon in Palm Beach?

Dr. Justin Bellamy uses his esteemed education, cutting-edge techniques, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to create customized treatment plans to meet his patients’ needs and expectations. He has published over thirty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and is a thought-leader in the field of plastic surgery. Trust Dr. Bellamy for a comprehensive and modern plastic surgery experience.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Mommy Makeover in Boca Raton?

Ideal candidates for mommy makeovers are non-smokers who are generally healthy and are looking to enhance their body contours. 

Since a mommy makeover is not a shortcut to losing weight, Dr. Bellamy recommends being at or near your ideal, stable weight for at least six months before your procedure.

Other qualities you should have before getting a mommy makeover procedure include:

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation With Dr. bellamy

During your mommy makeover consultation, Dr. Bellamy will focus on hearing your concerns about your anatomy, goals, and what you visualize as your ideal outcome. Prepare for this private meeting by researching your desired procedures and finding photos of example results you hope to achieve. Dr. Bellamy will discuss the details, risks, and benefits of the procedures included in a mommy makeover, then provide his honest recommendation regarding realistic and anatomically accomplishable options.

Dr. Bellamy will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine which surgical approaches will help you achieve the figure of your dreams. Dr. Bellamy will also:

You’ll work together with Dr. Bellamy to develop a mommy makeover treatment plan that will help you feel comfortable in making decisions about your procedure. With high-quality care and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Bellamy’s dedication to patient safety and outstanding results makes him a leading mommy makeover surgeon in Palm Beach.

Preparing for Your Mommy Makeover Procedure in Palm Beach

Before your Palm Beach mommy makeover, we advise you to maintain a healthy, high-protein, low-salt diet. Discontinue using most herbal supplements, especially any including garlic, fish oil, or zinc. Also, avoid medicines containing aspirin, including Excedrin, ibuprofen, or Aleve, as they can cause additional bleeding or bruising. At your consultation, Dr. Bellamy will review your current medications and provide instructions on how to proceed with them. 

Do not smoke, vape, or use other nicotine products for at least four weeks before and after your procedure. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and affects the body’s ability to heal itself, potentially impacting your recovery and results.

West Palm Beach Mommy Makeover Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Bellamy performs all surgeries at his practice, which has two state-of-the-art, fully AAAASF-certified operating rooms. On the day of surgery, our nursing staff will greet you; then, Dr. Bellamy will review your procedural plan, answer any final questions, and make surgical markings. 

Dr. Bellamy will complete your mommy makeover to address your anatomical concerns, following the unique procedural plan developed during your consultation. Based on the procedures included, mommy makeover surgeries may take from two to six hours. 

Since mommy makeover procedures are an outpatient surgery, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first few days. You may need extra help with your typical daily tasks, especially if you have young children.

Depending on the procedures included in your Palm Beach mommy makeover, you may need to wear compression garments – including an abdominal wrap or surgical bra – full time for at least four to six weeks to support your new contours and minimize swelling. 

Plan on taking approximately two to three weeks off from work for recovery. For four to six weeks, you will need to avoid strenuous activities, including exercising and heavy lifting. However, Dr. Bellamy recommends taking slow, gentle walks as soon as you feel up to it. 

Surgical Mastery Meets Aesthetic Artistry

How Soon Will I See My Mommy Makeover Results?

Following a mommy makeover procedure, most patients notice immediate improvements to their overall shape. Still, you may experience swelling and bruising that temporarily obscures your results. Initial swelling typically resolves after four to six weeks, but residual swelling may take up to six months to fully resolve.

After your best Palm Beach mommy makeover surgery, you can maintain your long-lasting results by sustaining your stable weight through a continued healthy diet and exercise routine. 

View our gallery for more of Dr. Bellamy’s outstanding, natural-looking mommy makeover before-and-after results.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Palm Beach, FL

As a highly customizable procedure, your mommy makeover cost will vary based on the surgeries you choose to include in your mommy makeover. Following your consultation with Dr. Bellamy, you will receive an accurate estimate for your total price tag.

Restore Your Curves With a Palm Beach Mommy Makeover

You’ve given so much of your time and energy to others. Isn’t it time to do something for your self-care? Partner with Dr. Bellamy for the best mommy makeover in Palm Beach. Contact Dr. Bellamy’s office at (561) 705-0044 or complete our online form to schedule your mommy makeover consultation today.

Palm Beach, FL
mommy makeover FAQs

Do you want to learn more about a mommy makeover with Dr. Justin Bellamy?  Read our FAQs and complete our online form to meet Dr. Bellamy today.

Since the term mommy-makeover can include any combination of breast and tummy procedures, the cost of a mommy makeover varies widely depending on what procedures you include. In general, you can expect the cost to vary from $15k-30k+ all-in. Breast augmentation and a mini-tummy tuck would be on the lower end, while larger procedures, including breast augmentation with lift, liposuction, skin tightening, and extended tummy tuck, will take the cost to the higher end.

Commonly desired after having children, the term “mommy makeover” refers to the combination of a breast procedure and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This procedure addresses rejuvenating breasts and tightening the abdominal muscles in addition to removing excess belly skin.

A mommy makeover always includes a breast and a tummy procedure; however, there are a few different options for each. The breast procedure might be a breast augmentation alone, breast lift (mastopexy) alone, breast lift with implants (augmentation-mastopexy), or fat transfer to the breasts. The abdominoplasty portion might be a traditional abdominoplasty (with tightening of the muscles and removal of excess skin above and below the belly button), a mini-abdominoplasty (tightening of skin below the belly button, no muscle tightening), or an extended abdominoplasty (removal of skin across the abdomen onto the lower back plus muscle tightening). Liposuction is also typically a component of most tummy tucks, but the amount of liposuction varies from patient to patient, depending on body type and goals.

The recovery time for a mommy makeover is the same as any surgical procedure. It is important to be up and moving the same night as surgery to promote healing and prevent blood clots. Returning to work can be as soon as one week for non-strenuous activity such as desk work, but most people wait 2 weeks after surgery. After 2 weeks, most patients start to like they are getting back to normal. More strenuous jobs may require 3-4 weeks before you return.

Dr. Bellamy requests that patients limit all strenuous activity for 3 weeks and can return to normal exercise after 4 weeks.

Typically, no. However, it is important that you are weight stable, as waiting to lose significant weight until after surgery may result in recurrent excess skin. Further, it is required that your BMI is <35 to safely tolerate anesthesia.

Surgery typically lasts 4-6 hours, depending on how many procedures are included in your mommy makeover.

After surgery, Dr. Bellamy requests that patients wait 3 weeks before returning to cardio exercises and one month before lifting above 15 lbs.

Like any body-contouring procedure, ensuring you are in good health, with controlled blood pressure and blood sugar, and that you are weight-stable will ensure a smooth surgical recovery and long-lasting results.

Mommy makeover procedures, like all elective cosmetic procedures, are overall very safe. As in all surgery, they do carry very small risks. However, they are overall very safe. Ensuring you are in good health before surgery and that are actively walking immediately after surgery will ensure a smooth and safe recovery.

For a minimum of 4 weeks, Dr. Bellamy requests mommy makeover patients wear compression around the abdomen and a soft bra without underwire for optimal healing.

The ideal position is sleeping at a slight incline with a few pillows behind your upper back and head, in addition to pillows under your knees. This ensures a slightly bent position to release tension on the abdomen. Some patients rent reclining chairs for their post-surgery recovery, which can be a nice luxury to assist in standing up from a laying position but is by no means necessary. Dr. Bellamy will advise you on when to return to other sleeping positions during your recovery journey.

Yes. As pregnancy can re-stretch skin and muscle, it is generally advisable to wait until after you are done having children to undergo a mommy makeover unless you are prepared to repeat it again in the future.

To allow time for your tissues to naturally contract down, Dr. Bellamy advises waiting 9-12 months after childbirth before undergoing a tummy tuck or mommy makeover. While it may seem convenient to undergo a tummy tuck at the time of C-section or shortly after childbirth, persistent swelling and stretched tissue make this a suboptimal time to attain the best result. Patience may allow shorter scars and a tighter final result.

Any healthy woman who desires to improve the shape or size of her breasts and improve her abdominal contour is an excellent candidate for a mommy makeover!

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