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Deep Plane Facelift | Palm Beach, FL with Dr. Justin Bellamy

A deep plane facelift is the most advanced facelift technique available. By lifting the tissues vertically, a deep plane facelift helps you reclaim your youthful appearance and reverse the aging process with more natural-looking results than traditional facelifts. Deep plane facelifts help improve the signs of aging, creating a better overall sense of wellness, self-image, and confidence.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Bellamy strives to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with utmost precision and elegant artistry. As one of the premier plastic surgeons in Palm Beach, FL, Dr. Bellamy delivers high-quality surgical care with innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology. With distinguished expertise and a patient-first approach, Dr. Bellamy has many patients from across the country who seek his advice, making him your choice for one of the best deep plane facelifts in Palm Beach.

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What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

Traditional facelifts address the Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System layer or the SMAS. The SMAS layer is a significant structural component of the face impacted by age-related changes. In a traditional facelift, the SMAS is maneuvered and tightened horizontally toward the ears, often creating a stretched or unnatural-looking appearance.

A deep plane facelift, one of the most advanced modern facelift techniques, specifically focuses on releasing and repositioning facial ligaments and the SMAS layer by vertically elevating them. This superior facelift technique allows Dr. Bellamy to lift the tissues without creating excess tension that causes a pulled or stretched look.

Deep plane facelifts aim to restore the appearance of those areas most vulnerable to aging with incredibly effective and natural-looking results. Without changing your fundamental appearance, deep plane facelifts address concerns like:

Often, a deep plane facelift can be performed under local anesthesia. Other benefits of a deep plane facelift include:

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Palm Beach Deep Plane Facelift?

Ideal candidates for a deep plane facelift are non-smokers who are generally healthy and are looking to improve signs of aging with long-lasting results. During your consultation, Dr. Bellamy will review your anticipated results to ensure your expectations are realistic and anatomically accomplishable.

Dr. Bellamy recommends deep plane facelift candidates in Palm Beach should:

Your Deep Plane Facelift Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Bellamy will focus on your concerns about your facial anatomy, your goals, and what you visualize as your ideal outcome. He will discuss the details, risks, and benefits of your procedure, then he will give an honest recommendation.

Together with Dr. Bellamy, you’ll develop a treatment plan to suit your aesthetic goals while addressing your anatomical needs. Following your consultation, Dr. Bellamy wants you to feel informed and comfortable in making decisions about your procedure. With high-quality care and patient safety as his priority, Dr. Bellamy’s dedication to outstanding results makes him your choice for the best deep plane facelift in Palm Beach.

Looking for the best plastic surgeon in Palm Beach?

Dr. Justin Bellamy uses his esteemed education, cutting-edge techniques, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to create customized treatment plans to meet his patients’ needs and expectations. He has published over thirty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and is a thought-leader in the field of plastic surgery. Trust Dr. Bellamy for a comprehensive and modern plastic surgery experience.

What Can I Expect During a Boca Raton Deep Plane Facelift?

With a patient-centric philosophy, Dr. Bellamy specifically customizes deep plane facelift procedures to achieve optimal results for each patient. Here are some general steps to expect.

All surgeries are performed in our facilities that have two state-of-the-art, fully certified AAAASF operating rooms.

On the day of surgery, you will be greeted by our nursing staff, then review your procedural plan with Dr. Bellamy. He will answer any last questions you have and make surgical markings. Once you are safely sedated, Dr. Bellamy will begin your Palm Beach deep plane facelift according to your unique procedural plan.

Preparing for Your Deep Plane Facelift

In the week before your surgery, we advise you to maintain a healthy, high-protein, low-salt diet. Stop taking most herbal supplements, especially those containing garlic, fish oil, or zinc. Also, stop taking medicines containing aspirin, as these can cause additional bleeding or bruising.

During your consultation, Dr. Bellamy will review your medications and provide instructions on how to proceed. Most prescription medications, especially blood pressure medications, should be continued.

For at least four weeks before and after your procedure, smoking, vaping, or any nicotine products are strictly prohibited. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and affects the body’s ability to heal itself, potentially impacting your recovery and results.

West Palm Beach Deep Plane Facelift Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Bellamy will create small, well-concealed incisions behind the ear, under the chin, or within the posterior hairline. Dr. Bellamy will reposition and tighten your facial tissues, then he will remove loose, excess skin.

On average, a deep plane facelift can take approximately three to four hours. However, procedure times will vary based on individual anatomy, the extent of the procedure, and specific procedures performed.

Deep Plane Facelift Recovery

Deep plane facelifts are typically day surgeries, so it’s important to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first few days. You may require assistance with simple daily tasks. You may also be prescribed pain medications and antibiotics.

Swelling, bruising, and numbness are common effects following a deep plane facelift. These effects are temporary and will resolve as healing progresses. To reduce swelling and bruising, sleep with your head elevated and use cold compresses as directed. It’s important to thoroughly follow Dr. Bellamy’s post-operative instructions to ensure a healthy recovery.

Most patients plan on taking approximately 10 to 14 days off work for recovery. During this time, you may also experience social downtime, but you can typically wear makeup after 10 days. Full results may take several months up to a year as swelling resolves and the tissues settle.

Following your deep-plane facelift, avoid strenuous activities, including exercising or heavy lifting, for four to six weeks; however, Dr. Bellamy advises walking slowly as soon as you feel well enough. Consistent sun protection and skin care products are recommended to extend the longevity of your results.

How Soon Will I See My Deep Plane Facelift Results?

Following a deep plane facelift, the length of the recovery process is determined by the extent of your procedure. However, many patients feel comfortable in public about two weeks after surgery, with most swelling resolved in about a month. Most patients experience slight bruising, tightness, or swelling that may obscure true results for the first few weeks. Swelling typically fully resolves within a couple months.

With optimal results, the best Palm Beach deep plane facelift results will help you achieve a youthful, lifted facial appearance with results that may last for 10 to 15 years.

While nothing stops the aging process, you can extend the longevity of your results. One way is to follow Dr. Bellamy’s post-procedural recommendations, including staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet, protecting your skin with sunscreen with SPF 30+ every day, and using recommended skincare products and treatments.

Surgical Mastery Meets Aesthetic Artistry

Deep Plane Facelift Cost in Palm Beach, FL

Deep plane facelift costs in Palm Beach, FL are greatly influenced by your individual needs, aesthetic goals, and the extent of your procedure. The average deep plane facelift cost in Palm Beach ranges from $10,000 to $30,000.

Following your consultation with Dr. Bellamy, you will receive an estimate of the scope and cost of your Palm Beach deep plane facelift.

Choosing Dr. Bellamy as Your Deep Plane Facelift Surgeon

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Bellamy is considered one of the premiere facial plastic surgeons in Palm Beach. Due to his extensive education and unparalleled experience, many patients travel across the country seeking Dr. Bellamy’s expertise. With innovative techniques and state-of-the-art medical equipment, Dr. Bellamy tailors customized treatment plans that address each patient’s needs and expectations, making him your choice as one of the best deep plane facelift surgeons in Palm Beach.

Enhancing and enriching the lives of his patients is the most fulfilling aspect of performing plastic surgery for Dr. Bellamy. Blending a mastery of surgery with artistic elegance, Dr. Bellamy’s goal is to help his patients accomplish their aesthetic goals with beautiful, natural-looking results to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

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